What are the signs of Jesus 2nd coming?

  1. Jerusalem under Jewish control in 1967 and declared the undivided eternal capitol of Israel by the Knesset in 1980. Israel has been regathered to her native land.—Luke 21:24
    • The persecution of the early church came to pass—Luke 21:12-24
    • The destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD—Luke 21:20-23
    • The Jews would be exiled into all the world until the time of the end—Luke 21:24
  2. The beginning of sorrows. Our generation has witnessed these signs on a global and exponential scale.—Matthew 24:4-8
    • religious deception
    • wars and rumors of war
    • famines, pestilences (epidemics), earthquakes

  3. Israel is about to enter 7 years of trouble with the Gentile nations—Matthew 24:9-13
    • This was revealed in the prophecy the Angel Gabriel gave to Daniel of 70 weeks. In the 70th week, God restores the Nation to Christ.
    • During this time the Gospel witness will close with an unprecedented harvest—Matthew 24:14
  4. The abomination in the temple—Matthew 24:15-22
    • “Let the reader understand” You must understand the prophecy of Daniel’s 70 weeks which is a timeline of 490 years. In the final 7 years God will bring the Nation of Israel to repentance, reconciliation, and restoration. The kingdom of God will begin on planet Earth.—Daniel 9:24-27
    • The temple will be rebuilt and then defiled by a leader called the Antichrist. When this event takes place from the temple mount all hell will break loose for 42 months culminating in Armageddon and the return of Jesus Christ to save Israel.
  5. The earth’s atmosphere darkened and shaken then like flashes of lightening the Lord returns from heaven, His glory will light up the entire globe and every eye shall see!—Matthew 24:23-31
    • Coming with the clouds of heaven!—the CHURCH!
    • Gentile Nations will be judged based on how they treated the Jewish people.—Matthew 25:31-46
  6. After the prophecy Jesus gave at Mt. Olivet, Jesus cuts a New Covenant and reveals a secret about His Church, what we call the rapture of the church.—John 14:1-3

How do we live our lives in light of these signs?

  1. Don’t be deceived or troubled by world events—Matthew 24:4-8
  2. Know the time is near. Learn the parable of the fig tree—ISRAEL is God’s fig tree—Matthew 24:32-36
  3. Watch and be ready! It will be like Noah’s day, the second coming of Jesus to the planet will be “like a thief in the night!”—Matthew 24:36-44
  4. 3 parables that admonish us to be faithful and wise. These parables reveal that those who accept the Gospel will enter into the millennium and those who do not accept the Gospel will not enter the millennium. Only believers, faithful and wise shall remain on the earth whe Jesus commences His 1000 year reign. (note: do not apply types and shadows to parables)
    • two servants—Matthew 24:45-51
    • ten virgins—Matthew 25:1-13
    • three stewards—Matthew 25:14-30

Jesus told His disciples that the Holy Spirit would come and reveal more things that they were not ready to receive. One of those truths are the blessed hope!—John 16:12-13

  • Paul’s revelation in Arabia from the Lord—a catching away of the church before the coming wrath of the 7 year tribulation period—1 Thessalonians 4:15-17
  • How to watch and be sober? Make a commitment to walk in love, live by faith, and live your life with an expectation of His soon return.—1 Thessalonians 4:15-17

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