The Harlot

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Babylon the Great is personified as the mother of harlots. The harlot is a false religion that rides the beast during the tribulation.—17:1-6

Here are several clues to her identity…

  1. She sits upon many waters meaning she has great influence over many nations (v 2, 15)
  2. She is located in a vast desert wilderness. (v 3)
  3. She has great wealth that influences leaders of nations. (v 4)
  4. She has an influence of spiritual fornication and idolatry (false religion) over nations and is called Mystery Babylon. (v 5)
  5. She is drunk with the blood of the Saints. (v 6)
  6. She sits on seven mountains. (v 9)
  7. She is a great city that rules leaders of nations. (v 18)

The Beast out of the sea (the Anti-christ) will destroy the city, Babylon the Great, toward the end of the tribulation.—17:7-18

Babylon the Great will be destroyed in one hour. The call of repentance is given for people to come out of Mystery Babylon and accept the free gift of pardon which is only found in JESUS CHRIST.—18:1-8

The world mourns over the destruction of Babylon the Great because its wealth is destroyed.—18:9-20

Babylon the Great is found guilty of the blood of the prophets and saints. The harlot, Mystery Babylon will be the driving force in the persecution of believers during the tribulation.—18:21-24

Babylon vs. Jerusalem

The following Old Testament prophecies gives us a clues as to the identity of Mystery Babylon in the last days.

  • Zechariah had a vision of a woman named “Wickedness” in a basket taken to Babylonia to be set up on a base—Zechariah 5:5:-11
  • Zechariah also prophesies of the final judgment of the Nations which come against Jerusalem—Zechariah 12:1-10
  • Isaiah prophesies of the Day of the Lord and judgment upon Babylon—Isaiah 13
  • Isaiah prophesies judgment upon the “dessert of the Sea” and gives locations of cities (Dumah, Dedan, Arabia, Sier, Tema, Kedar)—Isaiah 21
  • After Isaiah prophesies judgment to the nations surrounding Jerusalem he prophesies the earth destroyed by fire—Isaiah 24

Peter admonishes us to live for God in view of the coming Day of the Lord in which the earth will be destroyed by fire—2 Peter 3:7-14