Jesus in the Gospels!

He is the Jewish Messiah
He fulfills the law and the prophets
He is The Prophet that Moses said would come
He is the Son of David
He is a light to the Gentiles
He is a friend of the sinner
He is the express image of the Father
He is the teacher of the Kingdom
He is a preacher of righteousness
He loves rich and poor
He raises the dead
He commands miracles
He speaks and the elements obey
He restores the lost mind
He is a friend of publicans and sinners
He reproves the hypocrite
He calls men to repentance
Power flows from His person
He has healing in his hands
He opens the eyes of the blind
He makes the dumb to speak
He causes the lame to walk, the maimed to be whole
He cleanses the leper
He is the Lord of the Harvest
He brings good news to the poor
He offends the religious
He casts out the profane from God’s temple
He brings rest to the meek and lowly
He casts out the unclean spirit
He pays Peter’s taxes
He fills Peter’s boat with a net breaking catch
He is the Seed planted in the earth
He is the Sower who sows the word
He speaks to multitudes in parables
He prays through the night
He walks on the waters
He is the treasure hid in a field
He is the pearl of great price
He is a prophet without honor
He is the Son of Man crucified
He is the Son of God glorified
He is moved with compassion
He is jealous for His Father’s house
He multiplies what is given
He feeds the multitudes
He is the rock upon which our faith rests
He is the Manna from Heaven
He is the Christ God’s anointed one
He is the Son in whom the Father is well pleased
He is the sent one, the apostle of faith
He moves mountains
He is the one whom children love
He is the one who was betrayed
He is one mocked and scourged
He is the King coming upon a donkey
He is the stone which the builders rejected
He is the one betrayed by his own
He is the covenant guarantee
He is the shepherd that was smitten
He is the one falsely accused
He is crowned with thorns
He is hung between two thieves
He is forsaken of God
He is the one buried in a borrowed tomb
He is the risen Christ seen by 500
He ascends to God’s right hand
He has the Spirit without measure
He is the bridegroom who is taken away
He is lord of the Sabbath
He is the word made flesh
He is the light of the world
He is the well of water that springs up
He convicts the conscience
He freely forgives
He is the great I AM whom Abraham saw
He restores the withered hand
He recreates what is missing
He is the good shepherd
He is the door to find green pasture
He is the corn of wheat that fell to the ground
He lays his life down
He is the Son of God
He is the one whom Satan could not touch
He is the master who washes our feet
He is preparing a place for us
He coming back again
He is the peace for our trouble
He is a friend to those who obey him
He is despised and hated by the world
He is the one who was stripped of his garments
He gives disciples power over Satan
He is the child who grew in wisdom
He brought the rise and fall of many
He is a man tempted in the wilderness
He subdues Satan
He walks in the power of the spirit
He fulfills prophecy
He commands with authority
He teaches with wisdom
He calls sinners to repentance
He is the new wine that makes the heart glad
He is Lord of the Sabbath granting true rest
He is persecuted and maligned
He is God’s suffering servant
He is rejected of elders, priests, and scribes
He is clothed with Shekina glory in the mount
He walks under an open heaven
He is the Father’s delight
He reads the hearts of men
He is the Good Samaritan to those left for dead
He commissions and empowers
He has healing in his hands from his garments power flows
He is labeled a blasphemer, an illegitimate son
He is the sign to an evil generation
He is beaten with many stripes
He is derided by Pharisees
He is teaching daily in the temple
He sees the poor widow give
He prays Peter’s faith will not fail
He drank the cup of suffering
He is attended to by angels
He is betrayed with a kiss
He is denied by his disciple
He is accused before Pilate
He is beaten with many stripes
He is condemned to death
He is led to Calvary and crucified
He died, He rose, He ate with his disciples
He gave the Holy Spirit
He sends us to let the world know
He is coming again!
 Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever

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