The Bowls

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

When the 7th trumpet sounds, the temple is opened, there are “lightnings, noises, thunderings, an earthquake, and great hail”—Revelation 11:19. The wrath of God is poured out and Christ is about to descend from heaven.

The seventh trumpet is called the 3rd woe and reveals 7 bowl judgments. The 7th trumpet is blown at the close of the great tribulation when the mystery of God is finished.—Revelations 10:7

Each of these 7 bowl judgments are similar to the 7 trumpet judgments. There is a definite cause and effect relationship between the two. These bowls of wrath are also called plagues and they describe what the earth will be like at the time Christ returns. These plagues are a result of the previous trumpet judgments (the earth being hit by comets, asteroids, and/or meteorites.)

  1. The 1st bowl reveals malignant sores upon men’s flesh (effects of the 1st trumpet)— 16:2
  2. The 2nd bowl reveals the seas turned to blood, nothing left alive (effects of the 2nd trumpet)—16:3
  3. The 3rd bowl reveals all fresh water turned to blood (effects of the 3rd trumpet)—16:4
  4. The 4th bowl reveals men scorched with great heat (effects of the 4th trumpet)—16:8
  5. The 5th bowl reveals great darkness over the antichrist seat of power located in the Middle East (effects of the 5th trumpet)—16:10
  6. The 6th bowl reveals the Euphrates river is struck and completely dried up to make a way for the nations to march for the battle of Armageddon (effects of the 6th trumpet)— 16:12
  7. The 7th bowl reveals the final cosmic impact brings 100 pound hail and triggers a global earthquake that brings down all the cities of nations and removes mountains and islands iut of their place. (the effects of the 7th trumpet)—16:17-21