Elder Team Meeting Minutes for April 2022

Our discussion revolved around the wins from Easter Sunday and how to position ourselves this Spring to help the new people coming to IFC and continue the build the momentum we are seeing.

Sunday Stats:

1800+ in attendance (youth/kids included) in person and 735 online attendance

Salvations: 85 hands raised and 62 packets given out!

102 salvations in Kids World!

Also, thank you for making the calls to pre-covid partners (I met a couple of families that came the first time on Easter)


The team shared some of the wins they took away from Easter Sunday.

Pastor Tom gave a short encouragement on becoming more aware of our “newbies” and to look for opportunities on Sundays to encourage them.

Housekeeping items…

  1. WORKFLOW—don’t forget when adding notes to 1) check the box to save them to their profile, then select ‘Elder Referral Notes” under the drop down menu then click the blue save button. Then you can press the green ‘Complete’ button on the workflow. That is your way of reporting back to me which helps me keep the pulse on pastoral care. (Tim and Susan, and Gilcelio and Birgit I did update the settings so you should see that feature now.)
  2. NO RESPONSES—If you have made the attempt to reach someone and they do not respond simply leave them a voicemail, snooze it for 3 days and try one more time, no need to constantly leave voicemails.
  3. RSVP’S—don’t forget to rsvp on team meetings when you get the email reminder, it makes my life easier.
  4. LOOKING AHEAD—We are looking to go to 3 services this fall. Our tentative date is September 25.